The Smilist understands the importance of giving back to the communities that we serve. We are happy to hold a number of events at the local level to assist members of the community. 

The Smilist Back-to-School Supplies Drive 

As parents and children are getting ready for the new school year each summer, employees at The Smilist Corporate and Dental offices gear up for their annual Back-to-School Supplies Drive benefiting children in need. During our 2016 Back-to-School supplies drive, we gathered over 600 school supplies for homeless children. 


Each November the Smilist holds a food drive for less fortunate members of the community. Items are donated to local food banks, Churches and Community Centers.  

Volunteer Efforts 

Each year many of our employees go above and beyond and participate in various Dentistry Days both near and far. Whether in our local communities or abroad, the Smilist team is dedicated to improving the health of all those we care for. 

Community Education 

Educating our local communities is our way of showing how much the Smilist truly cares about your oral health.  We want you to have healthy, long-lasting teeth so why not learn how this can be done us.

Dr. Scott Culpepper & the Smilist give back to the community by visiting the Beansprouts Daycare in Brooklyn, NY to educate young children about oral hygiene.