Click to spin the wheel to find out how many spaces you get to move ahead.

Be mindful, you only get to spin once per turn and have to complete your task before you get to spin again.



Welcome to the Smilist Q4 contest, Smileopoly! Where everyone wins.

Smileopoly is a game where your office will have to perform tasks throughout the boardgame and collect as much money as possible within the quarter. Your office will have the chance to win big while helping your office’s online reputation and retaining patients. The more tasks you accomplish the closer you get to winning one of three prizes for your office.

Each office gets a Smileopoly board that they will use to play the game. To start the game you must spin the wheel and move your placer forward according to the number you land on the spinner. Your team must then perform the task you land on. Each task was made to be challenging, fun, and achievable so that your office can continue spinning and winning. If the task asks your team for a picture or video, please post them to the #general channel on slack in order for it to be counted. Once you accomplish your task, place an “x” on your office’s Smileopoly Sheet, write the date completed, and the patient/employee’s name that accomplish the task. Then continue spinning.

Each time your office passes GO, $200 will be added to your office money bag. There will also be opportunities along the way for your office to get extra bonuses via Bonus Challenges & Team Bonus Challenges.  Every Tuesday all the offices will have a chance to complete the Team Bonus Challenge. All offices in your region must participate in order to win so encourage each other to win!

If you land on Chance, please message Sam, Aaliyah, or Emily on slack in order for them to give you a random Chance card which will allow you to either move forward or move backwards. If you land on Community Chest, please message Sam, Aaliyah, or Emily in order to receive a random card which will consist of a certain dollar amount that will be added to your office money bag. You can only land on Community Chest once per round and cannot land on another Community Chest until you pass GO. If you land on Community Chest twice in one round, spin again.

Have fun and may the odds be ever in your favor!


Please use your Smileopoly Sheet to enter your office’s accomplisments. You may only edit your office’s worksheet by using your office’s email address (i.e. Please check your office email for the invite to edit your Smileopoly Sheet. You will find the following tabs on the Smileopoly Sheet:

  • Box Details - Description of what each box on the Smileoploy gameboard represents.

  • Chance - Description of what each Chance card represents.

  • Community Chest - Description of what each Community Chest card represents.

  • Bonus Challenges - Description of what each Bonus represents and how much you will be awarded per bonus.

  • Team Bonus Challenges - Dates & Description of each Team Bonus Challenge and how much you will be awarded when each office in your region participates. Additionally, all offices have been broken down by region for your reference.

  • Your Office - Find your office and enter your accomplishments on the sheet by placing an “x” oon the box you land on and writing the date and name(s) of the patient/employee(s) who completed the task. Please Note: Please enter the amount you received from the Community Chest in the box instead of placing an “x” (i.e. 100 instead of x)

  • Example - This is an example of what your office sheet should look like as you play the game.