Oral Cancer Screening

An oral cancer screening in a non-invasive and painless screening that takes just a few minutes.  The exam will include a visual and tactile exploration of the interior of your mouth and the underside of your chin and neck. We’ll also use a special light to aid in the discovery of tissues that might be suspicious. Oral cancer screenings are an effective means of finding cancer at its early and highly curable stage.  

Why should an oral cancer screening be a part of my annual health check-up?

Over 43,000 individuals are diagnosed with oral cancer each year. Sadly, the mortality rate is quite high - over 40% of those diagnosed will not survive more than five years. This high death rate is directly related to two factors that you can control.

  1. Early Detection: Most oral cancer can be caught early, even as pre-cancer. With an early detection, survival rate are high and the side effects from treatments are at their lowest 

  2. Awareness of Risk Factors: Some lifestyle choices that you make, like tobacco use, are causes of this disease. Avoidance of risk factors greatly reduces your chance of developing cancers. Your dental hygienist and dentist at the Smilist can go over these risk factors with you

How often should I receive an oral cancer screening?

This should be conducted every year.  We can easily incorporate a yearly screening during a routine cleaning and exam at the Smilist.