Perhaps you’re thinking about retirement. Or you need more support, a partner to take on the administrative responsibilities of running a practice. We know that you’ve poured your heart and soul into building and running your practice, so we are honored that you’d consider partnering with us. We love supporting dentists as they practice clinically excellent dentistry and provide outstanding patient care. 

How the Smilist Helps and Supports Dentists

Doctors should focus on what they do best. What they’ve been trained to do - dentistry. Partnering with the Smilist means that you give up the administrative aspects of running a practice and focus on treating patients.







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What We Look For

We are very selective with who we partner with. We are seeking dentists that have personal goals such as

  • Turning hard earned practice equity into cash

  • Continuing to practice until you are ready to retire

  • Focusing on dentistry and patient care rather than the non-clinical aspects of practice ownership

Success Stories

Dr. Julia Aida shares how partnering with The Smilist Dental has lead to a more successful career than when she owned her own dental practice for over 10 years.

Dr. Jennifer Agliato shares why partnering with the Smilist Dental was the best decision for her career.

Dr. Douglas Fisher shares how partnering with the Smilist Dental has helped him plan for his retirement.

Dr. Michael Sherman shares how partnering with the Smilist Dental has helped him transition to the next venture in his career.

Dr. Harvey Lindenbaum shares how partnering with the Smilist Dental is the best decision for all dentists looking to retire and sell their practice.

Get the details on affiliating with the Smilist from Dr. Sasha Cekada