We are commonly asked, "how does affiliation work?" or "what's the process like?"  We're happy to break it down for you. Follow the steps below, or download our helpful infographic.  

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Step 1: The Idea


You’re thinking about transitioning your practice. Perhaps you are nearing your retirement. Or simply want to focus on caring for your patients and not the administrative aspects of running a practice. Either way, this could be the start of something great.



Here’s where we’ll get to know each other a bit. We welcome the opportunity to answer all of your questions. We want you to learn more about us - our history, our transition process and our goals. We’ll ask you about your practice, your goals and your objectives.


Step 3: The Review

In this phase, we’ll need to gather some information from you that will be used to value your process. This information may include business tax returns, practice management system reports, and operational information. We’ll also schedule some office visits so that you can get to know us and our team better.  



Once the details have been gathered and the numbers have been crunched, you’ll be presented with an offer. The offer includes a price for the assets of your practice and a future employment agreement, if applicable.


Step 5: The Future

Our partnership will start with the integration of your practice into the Smilist. We have a team of specialists in the areas of insurance, finance, marketing and IT that will guide you and your staff through the transition. 


Download our helpful Infographic to keep as a reference on how the process works. Download now >